Why Attend the Board of Education Meeting This Week?

A single voice is a lone wolf, two voices can create an echo, three people speaking and you have a ground swell of support, ten people speaking and you have the beginnings of a movement.  Meaningful discussion can yield a variety of opinion, original ideas, solutions, progress, and even change for the better but it all depends on people like you taking the first step forward to be heard.

Last week the Board of Education had an interesting meeting. (Link to review:  http://wp.me/pPLAn-ag ) Interesting on many levels, the room was packed with people concerned with snow removal, all day kindergarten, building safety, school calendar, transportation and to their credit they were courteous and well behaved.  The behavior of this crowd of Coventry citizens was a cut above the political activists that attended the previous meeting and interrupted with cat calls and comments.

This week the agenda has been altered from the regular format to eliminate, any report from the Superintendent, the Chairman, any Board members or communications.  It does not appear there will be any updates on issues from the last meeting.  There will be an audience of Citizens providing attendees with an opportunity to bring forth any items of concern or comments to the Board.

There are two items on the agenda awaiting action of the Board.  The first is an update on the roof project complete with presentation and a vote to approve the plans and project manuals for the replacement of the school roofs.  The second item on the agenda will be a discussion and vote on the Board of Education budget for next year.

The Audience of Citizens at the beginning of the meeting will be the last opportunity for the public to provide input prior to the budget vote.  Many parents have been talking about transportation issues, drugs in our schools, priorities of spending, all day kindergarten, snow removal expense, sports funding and more.  This is the time to bring forth all the items that should be considered so that funding can be placed in the budget to address any problems or fund any priorities.

This is the meeting when the Board of Education can make changes in the current proposal prior to any vote to accept the budget and forwarding their approved recommendation to the Town Council.  While the Town Council can not change any line items of this proposed budget it can change the total amount of funds appropriated to the Board of Education and revisions would then have to be made.

Now is the time for you to be heard on matters that concern you relative to the educational system in Coventry particularly any that could have a budget impact.  The meeting is scheduled for Thursday at 7:30 in the Town Hall Annex see agenda here: http://tinyurl.com/6elwc8r


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