Town Council Tonight What to Expect

Here’s a quick look at some of what is coming before the Town Council tonight.  The meeting is scheduled at 7:30 in the Town Hall Annex.

State Budget Impact

Town Manager, John Elsesser will report on the potential impact on Coventry under Governor Malloy’s recently proposed State budget.  It has widely been reported to be the largest budget increase in State history.  There will be some “new dollars” available to Coventry as a Town but it comes with a price.  Since all State money is derived from taxes the largest impact will be to the individual taxpayers of Coventry.  Local leaders working on our budget should be mindful of the substantially increased burden to local taxpayers being called for by the Governor.

Local Budget Dates

Speaking of taxes and budgets tonight the Town Council will also establish budget meeting dates and topics.  Just how much can the tax burden increase in these harsh economic times?  The Governor is calling for shared sacrifice and local leaders must consider the burden on local taxpayers and services.  These meetings will provide opportunities for all to be heard.

Care for the Lake

There will be some discussion and perhaps an appropriation vote to perform some repairs to maintain the lake and levels of water.  This has been an ongoing discussion for some time.

Coventry Capital Improvements

Tax dollars can be spent in large chunks when it comes to capital improvements and this will be a topic under new business.  The capital improvements budget is not only for next year it is a planning tool for future expenditures.  If you wonder what projects are coming on the horizon this will be an area of interest.

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