The Fix For High Gasoline Prices Could Come From Representative Tim Ackert

Our new State Legislator here in the 8th District, Mr. Tim Ackert is off to a good start as he continues to contact and follow up with constituents on a wide variety of issues. Word on the street is he was even on at least one school roof in the district helping to clear snow. To his credit he was not there for a photo opportunity to gain valuable press space he was there working for constituents the old fashion way, with a physical hands on contribution. The Opining Quill sends a tip of the Quill and thank you to Mr. Ackert for his effort.

What’s that got to do with high gasoline prices? Nothing, except it has taken some precious time away before Tim addresses the energy issue he featured in his recent campaign. Mr. Ackert said during the campaign “energy prices are on everyone’s minds”. Today with the cost of gasoline spiraling upward it is time to look back at Tim’s campaign and his thoughts on energy.

Tim pointed out, “Gas prices are key to virtually all other consumer costs, and our state’s taxes on gasoline only exacerbate an already difficult situation. Connecticut’s Legislature double taxes consumers with both a per-gallon tax and a gross receipts tax that increases with the cost of gas.” Mr. Ackert was also correct when he said, “This double tax is unfair, and the majority of the revenue it generates does not go to the Transportation Fund for highway repairs and mass transit initiatives as intended. Instead, it is diverted into the state’s General Fund.”

While Tim can not solve the energy problems alone but we can and should expect from him action based on his campaign. At that time Tim said, “To combat the disastrous impact of high energy prices on our state’s economy and residents, the General Assembly must immediately cut energy taxes across the board. These taxes punish those who can least afford to pay them.” In the face what is happening now with gasoline prices we should all expect Tim will be proposing something to address the problem.

Don’t expect Tim to take the easy way out and kick the problem down the street with a temporary fix that is not his way of thinking. We know he will be looking at the long term because he said, “Next, we must permanently fix the way Connecticut taxes gasoline. We must stop double taxation! Our gas tax should be fixed and not based on a formula that allows the state to capitalize on the increasing costs from which people are already suffering.” Today as prices climb the politician are expecting a windfall of income for more spending.

Tim did provide a hint as to the solution he will be offering when during the campaign he said, “Finally, all gas tax revenue should be returned to the Transportation Fund. Far too often we are told we are paying taxes for one purpose only to find that the Legislature has decided to spend it elsewhere. To add insult to injury, we become aware of this diversion only when new taxes are levied on us to pay for the originally promised goals. This deception must stop.”

Tim should not pass this off and ignore the problem, he recognized the urgency during the campaign and with prices going skyward he must certainly recognize things have not gotten better. At that time he said, “While there is no area of more obvious need, there is also no area of greater failure by our representatives than Connecticut’s energy policy.”

At a time like this with every gasoline fill-up draining more money out of your pocket it’s nice to know that at least one political leader recognizes the problem. Now we can expect to hear a proposal to address the problem and aid the taxpayers. The Opining Quill will let you know if and when there is a move toward a better energy policy that will aid the taxpayers in Connecticut. In the meantime we can watch Representative Tim Ackert get the ball rolling and Connecticut turn in the right direction.

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