Are Connecticut Congressional Representatives in a Ruling Class Above the Common People?

While the city of New Haven struggles with their budget, cutting police officers and reducing spending at every opportunity their Representative in Congress continues down the road of special privilege.  Have we come to expect our Congressional Representatives are now above the people they represent, worthy of special treatment?

On Feb. 16th the New Haven Board of Aldermen’s City Services and Environmental Policy Committee met and a large crowd turned out.  The topic was water and not from melting snow but rather the bottled water New Haven buys for use in city buildings and schools.  Aldermen Justin Elicker pointed out the city spent nearly $32,000 on bottled water, and trucked it in from Worcester, Mass.

Prior to voting on the issue there was taste testing of local tap water and much discussion.  Mr. Elicker said, “Frankly, it’s embarrassing that we use bottled water, as if our water wasn’t good enough.”

Before the night was over the committee voted unanimously to approve a proposal that would prevent the city from purchasing bottled water en masse for its employees and for use in public schools.  The city will save valuable dollars and reduce their carbon footprint by not shipping water from Worcester, Mass.

So what has that got to do with their Congressional  Representative Democrat Rosa DeLauro?  Well Rosa was in Connecticut this week having an open meeting to listen to constituents.  The picture below will tell you what Rosa thinks about her constituent’s attempts to save money and reduce their carbon footprint.

Yes, that is five (5) bottles of Poland Spring water. (I will refrain from calling her a heavy drinker) Can you imagine the carbon footprint from transportation when that water is trucked in from Maine for the Congress woman?  Yes this is the same member of Congress that wants to tax carbon footprints.

Oh yes that is gold jewelry around her neck, on her ears and encircling her finger but the quality could not be confirmed.  Apparently the water for her constituents isn’t good enough for Rosa DeLauro or maybe she thinks the “ruling class” should not partake of water suitable for commoners.


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