Thinking out side the Box on Union Dues

Well we have all heard a great deal of irrational thinking about unions and the American worker this week.  It does not matter what side of the issue you favor the rhetoric has gone over the top from both sides.

Just the other day on one blog a supporter of unions called union workers “the bedrock of our society”.  This seems to imply something but it does not display an understanding of geology.  The top layer of bedrock is known as the rockhead and I am not sure if union workers want to be called rockheads.

Union labor today makes up a relatively small percentage of workers nationwide and yet it represents a far larger percentage of government employees.  This is especially true if you include the public employees within the educational systems across the nation.

There has been a great deal of protest from both union and non-union folks this weak and there are some issues that should be looked and discussed.  There is general agreement that the union movement grew out of a need for workplace reform and many would say that goal has been largely reached.  There is ample evidence of violence and a mentality of the ends justifies the means in the history of organized labor.  In many ways government has now enacted basic regulations that cover the areas that were in question at the time the labor movement in this country had its’ foundation.

Today things are different and certainly times have changed.  Big labor today deals with vast sums of money and is in many ways has become a business just like the companies or organization for which they supply labor.  Labor unions however operate under rather unusual exemptions and special laws that are unlike any other industry or organization.  The topic of the day will be restricted to the collection of union dues.

It is fair to ask the question why the government or any employer for that matter should be involved in the collection of union dues.  The union is a private group that establishes its’ own budget, spends money as they see fit and sets dues for members at levels they deem necessary.  Why should a union expect tax dollars, in the case of government workers to be used to collect and maintain records for the union?

It would seem very reasonable to allow unions or perhaps require unions to bill and collect their own dues in the case of government workers.  The government is an institution representing all the people and it is poor policy to provide special services to special interest groups at the expense of the general population where there is no benefit to the society as a whole.  That type of activity is not an intended the role of government.

Going forward voices on the issue of labor should be based on reason, rational discussion and not on emotion.  The volume of noise this past week across our nation far exceeds the voices of reason and understanding on this issue.  The rhetoric delivered from screaming bull horns will not result in any long-term harmonious resolutions.


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