Nothing Grows as Well as a Good Idea – Grassroots Bringing More Than Grass to Coventry

This has been a cold snowy winter and for some a bit of cabin fever has turned our attention to the coming of spring.  For some the cold winter has limited activity and given rise to new ideas.  Just as the grassroots will bring forth the first signs of spring so to a grassroots effort has begun in Coventry to address the issue of teen activities.

Parents and teens are talking, ideas for a teen center and teen activities are being tossed about.  In the face of tough economic times the reality of government taking over the project has not been a focus.  Too their credit organizers are looking at other programs, gathering information, planning organizational meetings, enrolling supporters from across the community and looking at alternatives.

This is not a new idea here in Coventry it has been talked about before.  What is refreshing about this current focus is the strength and support from parents and other adults.  That being said, teens will have to have a major role to play in formulating any concrete proposal.  It will have to be “their” teen center with their activities and their functions geared to their interest.

On Wednesday March 23rd there will be a meeting open to any parents and members of the community who may be interested in discussing some ideas.  The meeting will be at 7:00pm at Ackert Hall on Main Street. (Across from the Bidwell Tavern) Police Chief Mark Palmer will be in attendance to provide information about a teen program he used to run in another town.

There has been much written on the internet lately about negative activity of teens in Coventry.  This is an opportunity to channel teen activity into things that are positive, enjoyable, and most importantly desired by the local youth community.

Just as the flowers of spring need the water, sun and nutrients of earth to grow; this idea needs your input, support and maybe a little time to grow.  Each person attending is like a brick within a wall, no single brick holds the wall but together we can stem the tide of trouble and add support for teens in Coventry.

Circle the date Wednesday, March 23 · 7:00pm – 9:00pm Ackert Hall in Coventry and join the discussion.  Your voice could make the difference; your ideas could be the answer.



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2 responses to “Nothing Grows as Well as a Good Idea – Grassroots Bringing More Than Grass to Coventry

  1. Kristen Bilotta-Brzozowski

    Thank you for helping to spread the word! We as a community need to step up & make this happen, merely talking about it for years is just not good enough. You are very correct in saying the teens need to be involved & help make “their” teen center. I am trying to get the word out to the teens as well and it would be great to have many attend the meeting and be a part of the discussions! Hopefully parents of teens will talk to them about it & attend the meeting together. We can do this, as a community. Hey the “Seniors” are all set…now let’s focus on our “Teens” ….our future.

  2. Ken

    My fellow citizens of Coventry, as a parent of two children I think a teen center will open the doors to keeping the kids in our town safe. Let’s all band together to get this off the ground and give our kids a great environment to be in. I want our children to be our future here in Coventry, and let our town be known as a great place to live. My old hometown of Tolland was nominated as a great place to live, so let’s put Coventry on the map. Thank you

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