Inspiration and Determination – The Power of One Man

Kevin Laue

Last night in Bridgeport CT. Manhattan College faced off against Sienna in the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference Basketball Championship.  This is Division I basketball and the tournaments champs will head to the “Big Dance” also know as “March Madness”.

Like so many teams Manhattan has a tall player in the center position 6’ 11” Kevin Laue (rhymes with now) he’s only a sophomore and he has only started three games for the team they call the Jaspers.  He averages just over 5 minutes playing time per game but garners more attention than star players.

Since his birthday was April 13, 1990, his mother has guided him by the biblical verse, Philippians 4:13: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

On his birthday Kevin didn’t cry when he came into the world.  Perhaps he was too busy to think about crying as he came into this world.  Perhaps it was a miracle that kept him alive as he was nearly strangled by the umbilical cord.  He was saved by an arm wedged under the cord, an arm that never developed past the elbow, but it was enough to save his life.

Kevin’s mother says, “That he had life meant that there was a reason and purpose for Kevin’s birth”.  Today Kevin Laue is the first and only Division I men’s basketball player to earn a scholarship and play with only one arm.

Off the court Kevin maintains a 3.5 grade point average and has never been know to get in trouble.  He often looks at the benefit and good he can bring to others and says, “The attention can be distracting at some times, but it’s great to be able to inspire people…. It’s a double-edge sword in that way.”

Number 41 Kevin Laue has inspired others while reaching out to parents and families with a one armed child.  “I love meeting especially the parents of kids with one arm, and they don’t know how to handle it,” he said. “Me playing and performing proves to these parents that their kids are OK, they can adapt to anything. Who’s to say they can’t?”

Kevin Laue, remember the name and the next time you think you can’t do something let a whisper from within offer the words of encouragement, “If Kevin can so can I”.




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