Roads Unsafe Addictive Highway Robbery Alert!!

The casinos have something of a cash cow in the progressive slot machine action and Connecticut legislators are turning to progressive thinking to get in on the cash action.  Cash is the big four letter word in Hartford on the lips of every legislative leader with their hand out ready to reach in your wallet.

Apparently Governor Malloy and the leadership in the General Assembly are fond of toys.  They have been working on a new transformer that will turn an ordinary automobile into an ATM.  Right here in Connecticut the State that brought forth the inventions of the sewing machine, the portable typewriter, the helicopter and yes even Wiffle Ball will soon have the Autotransformer.

Inspired by history, the Autotransformer will once again show that progressive thinking in Connecticut is taking advantage of every opportunity.  Progressive Democratic legislative leaders have for years lamented the fact that the first pay telephone was invented in Connecticut without the fee going to support State government.  Yes, they did get in on the action by taxing telephone service but that was never enough.  Like any addict our legislative leaders are always looking for more.

On Friday a committee of legislators took a preliminary step toward refining the new innovation with a progressive move to the Autotransformer.  In fact Democratic Representative Anthony Guerrera, of Rocky Hill said, “This is the first shape” continuing on he said, “We still don’t have the answer on the rest of it”.  He is the man that has the inside track on information as the co-chairman of the legislative transportation committee.

Everyday gas prices are moving upward and the State takes in progressively more tax money but in the eyes of the legislators it’s not enough!  “We’ve been counting on the gas tax, but it’s getting scary out there — gas is creeping up to $4, there’s a move for a higher gas tax, the manufacturers are coming out with more and more hybrid cars,” Guerrera said.  His concern here is not for the taxpayers, the middle class, the concern is hybrid cars may use less gas and cut down on tax income for the State.  How will they pay for their addiction to spending?

Currently the State taxes your car purchase; they levy fees to register and to drive it.  Then they collect double taxes every time you put gas in it, along with taxes on maintenance and repairs.  Now they want to raise the sales tax on it, eliminate the credit for the trade-in and take away the $500.00 exemption for local taxes paid on it.

But wait there’s more!!! What you bought as a car will soon become a new progressive Autotransformer when they complete the process by adding tolls to collect more money while you drive.  Your own personal automobile will soon become the new ATM cash machine for the State Legislators.  Every State Legislator will have additional spending cash to continue the growth of government, supporting programs we can not afford but they can prolong with this new cash.

If the progressive Democratic legislative leadership has their way you will have new tolls to pay when you drive to support their spending.  What you thought was your car will have been transformed completely into their ATM and Connecticut will have another progressive cash cow to feed government.

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One response to “Roads Unsafe Addictive Highway Robbery Alert!!

  1. Paul Warfield

    I can’t tell you how angry these Connecticut statists make me! I’m going to get into my ATM and head for a state that doesn’t need 55% of my money to sustain programs they have no business funding.

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