Why Budgets Are Killing the Future of Education – Listening to Bill Gates

Bill Gates

Better known as the man behind Microsoft Bill Gates recently spoke about how state budgets are breaking our educational system.  He paints a picture as to why state budgets are heading us into major financial challenges.

The picture is becoming increasingly difficult and yet states are required to balance their budgets so how are we getting into this mess?  He provided examples that apply to all states including Connecticut.

He talked about healthcare and pension costs and the role they play in funding education in the future.  He talked about where we need to go in our educational systems of the future.

In his view educational spending needs better tools, more information to more people, and better accounting.  He speaks about the role of incentives in delivery of the educational message and says without change the future is not affordable.  From his perspective we can not afford to cut and reduce the education we deliver to the next generation.

Bill Gates has put a lot of money into the American educational system and he certainly can not be called an attacker to educational funding.  He delivered a message that should be heard, should be considered and pondered.  It is easy to attack a messenger; it is far harder to honestly defend a system that is doomed to failure if changes are not made.

While Bill talks in terms of State budgets however many of his points apply to federal and indeed to local budgets.  Unfunded and underfunded obligations are in your local and State budget, they have been subjects at local meetings in the past.  Sadly there is little interest or understanding on the subject by the public at large.

The link below will allow you to listen directly to Bill Gates.  This message is for Democrats, Republicans, left-wing, right-wing, liberals and conservatives.  If you will give Bill Gates ten minutes of your time and listen you may find reasons to pay more attention to the direction our leaders are headed.




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