A Mooning Like You Never Saw Before Keep Your Eyes Open

Ever hear of a “Supermoon”?  No, it has nothing to do with an overweight individual.  What some are calling a Supermoon is more of a heavenly event or at least it happens in the sky.

On March 19th you will be mooned in what may appear to be a little larger way.  For the first time since 1992 the full moon will be at its’ perigee.  Since the orbit of the moon is elliptical this will be day when the moon will actually be at the point that will bring it closer to the earth than we normally see it.

Next week the perigee will coincide with the appearance of the full moon it will be a rather uncommon event.  Now of course many people believe the appearance of the full moon has often caused uncommon events.  So be on alert.

Some scientists say there is really not much difference in the appearance of the moon to the naked eye this mooning event is not to be associated with naked activity.  It may however present a good opportunity to view the moon or blame some other happening on the “Supermoon”.

While Coventry Police Chief, Mark Palmer asked the Town Council for authorization to add an additional officer into the budget for next year to help reduce overtime it could not be confirmed that additional officers would be required on the 19th due to any unusual activity expected.  Speaking with long time residents in Town no one recalled any unusual happening in 1992 relative to the “Supermoon”.

It should be noted that during a lunar perigee and full moon, the lunar surface can appear up to 14 per cent bigger and 30 per cent brighter than other full moons.  So there you have it about all you need to know when are getting “Supermooned”.


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