Listening Charade By Governor Malloy, While The Answer Remains With Ackert and Guglielmo

Governor Malloy has been going on the road with “Town Hall” meetings to explain his budget and listen to the taxpayers.  The news reports would lead one to believe if you attend you can ask questions and in a small way that is true.

Those that plan to attend a meeting near Coventry should be aware that the Governor today announced a change in plans.  The new agenda reads as follows:

March 29, 7-8 PM
Manchester Community College, SBM Charitable Foundation Building Auditorium
Great Path

March 30, 7-8 PM
Windham Middle School Auditorium
123 Quarry Street

From reading previous news reports you can expect the Governor to speak about his budget for a minimum of 30 minutes.  This of course will leave 30 minutes for questions and comments.  The original plans called for these meeting to be in smaller meeting rooms however due to attendance larger venues are now being used.  Unfortunately no additional minutes are being allotted to hear from the public so listening by the Governor is limited.

If Governor Malloy was really serious about “listening” to the people he would have scheduled these town hall meetings prior to forming his budget to obtain input before the budget was crafted.  Now what you have is opportunity for reaction to a proposal already in place and submitted to the legislature by the Governor, and you get to talk after the fact.

If you have time and want to attend you should do so but if you have limited time there is a better alternative to have your voice heard.  It would be far more productive to be meeting with your State Senator Tony Guglielmo and State Representative Tim Ackert because they are your voice and vote on Malloy’s budget.


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