A Kennedy Moment for President Obama

Our President Barack H. Obama was long on rhetoric as a Presidential candidate and the press played down his lack of experience in foreign affairs now we have a moment in history that may long be remembered.  President Kennedy had the Bay of Pigs fiasco when he failed to support the Freedom Fighters he encouraged to invade Cuba.  President Obama has Libya rebels for democracy out on a limb and ready to suffer defeat.

President Obama encouraged the people of Libya to express support for democracy, he encouraged the rebels fighting for democracy when he said on March 3rd, “It’s time for Gaddafi to go.”  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton upped the rhetoric on March 10th when she spoke to a Congressional panel and said, “We are standing with the Libyan people as they brave bombs and bullets to demand that [Muammar al-Gaddafi] must go – now,”.

Hillary said,  “We are standing with the Libyan people” but she failed to clarify what that means when it comes to support from our President.  So far the he has stood by and failed to act as the Libyan rebels for democracy are being slowly beaten back, and soon without aid or help will become a notation in history.

What the United States did to the Freedom Fighters invading Cuba by failing to provide air support will pale in comparison to what will happen to the rebels of Libya.  The rebels of Libya will not soon find them selves in a Libyan jail and later ransomed by the United States.  These brave fighters for democracy will suffer and die for democracy with dreams broken.

On Tuesday British Prime Minister David Cameron said, “if you don’t show your support for the Libyan people and for democracy at this time, you are saying you will intervene only when it’s about your security, but you won’t help when it’s about our democracy.”  The British are not alone in calling for international intervention and support for the rebels.  The French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe has been quoted as saying, “It is not enough to proclaim, as did almost all of the major democracies that ‘Qaddafi must go.’ We must give ourselves the means to effectively assist those who took up arms against his dictatorship.”

It wasn’t all that long ago that the United States was asking for French support and Americans railed and ridiculed them when they balked.  Now the United States is standing on the sidelines balking as the French and British call for support for international intervention to come to the aid of Libyan rebels.

It will not be long before the Battle of Benghazi becomes the Bay of Pigs for President Obama.  How will the people of the world look at the United States as they dream of democracy and freedom?  Will our standing as the leaders of democracy in the eyes of the world be strengthened?  How long can the rebels hold out before their dreams of democracy for Libya are buried in the ashes of history?  Their only hope may be a prayer.


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