A Question of Money, Morals, or Monkey Business?

“Follow the money” a phrase often invoked when looking for answers or trying to explain actions, particularly of public officials.  Recently the Superintendent of Schools for Coventry announced that she would be leaving the district.

The original announcement was that she would be no longer actively Superintendent as of August 15, 2011.  This leaves some ambiguity as to when the employment will actually end.

One of the rumors around Coventry is that the Superintendent actually wants to be granted a leave of absence.  Why, you ask?  The answer is within a contract of employment negotiated and extended with the Board of Education.

There is a bonus within the contract which would be due and payable if the Superintendent stays on the job for a completed period of time.  The $25,000 question is; was it ever the intent or is the Board of Education legally bound to pay a bonus when actual work performed falls short of the required period and time off for a leave of absence is granted for a non-emergency reason?

What would you expect from your company and your boss?   In this case you are a share holder in the company as a taxpayer in the Town of Coventry.  If you were a member of the Board of Education what would you say?

The Opining Quill would like to read your comments on this subject.  You are invited to submit your comments below this entry by clicking on the “Leave a comment” link in the box at the bottom.

Your comments will be posted provided they are in good taste and appear to be an honest response to the question.  Anonymous responses may be deleted if they appear to be irrelevant or in poor taste.




2 responses to “A Question of Money, Morals, or Monkey Business?

  1. Julie Blanchard

    I think this is a no brainer, no bonus! Can’t wait to see other replies.

  2. Scott D.

    Teacher friend of mine said superintendent’s announcement said August 15th not August 1st. Makes me wonder about other things you state as fact. How do we know what you say is true? Especially since your website doesn’t say who you are……Why are you so anonymous?

    Thank you Scott for the comments and correction indeed August 1 was a typo and should have read August 15. If there is ever something you or anyone else finds as factually incorrect on the Opining Quill it would be noted and corrected here just as the typo was. The Opining Quill goes to great effort to be factually correct and welcomes you to check any facts.

    As to your other question I would refer you to read the “About” page on this website so that you may better understand the title and authorship of the Opining Quill.

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