Coventry Teen Activity On The Agenda

There’s a good thing happening in Coventry.  Coventry the “gateway to the quiet corner” isn’t going to remain a “nothing” town for teens.  There is growing support to change Coventry from “do nothing” to a “teen happening” town.

Last night the first meeting of those willing to be movers and shakers to get things started was held.  Teens called for activity, while adults promised support and encouragement going forward.  Moving ahead the group will begin to reach out to teens to develop activities that would be most exciting and make them available for local teens.

In today’s world the internet provides some of the interactivity that used to be associated with hanging out at a teen center a place to meet with friends.  The first step forward in Coventry activity was the establishment of “Coventry Teens” on Facebook.  Coventry teens now have a central location where new activities can be announced or they can just hang out with friends online.

The meeting attracted teens, members of the community, Town staff, elected officials and parents.  There was some planning for a first event to bring together teens from Coventry in a fun, relaxed atmosphere to enjoy life as active teens.

Spokesperson for the group Kristen Bilotta-Brzozowski said, “I am please with the support, and optimistic that we will bring some exciting activities to Coventry teens.  This group was form to provide teens with alternatives, and positive activities to enjoy time together in a safe atmosphere.”

Kristen said the group will be asking for cooperation and some nonfinancial support from the Town.  “We are just starting and we have to walk before we run but it would be wonderful if someday we could have a teen center as the hub of activity for teens in Coventry.”  Kristen spoke with some passion as she said, “we have dreams and vision but we could use some more input from teens and parents. Any teen or adult can reach me on Facebook if they would like to become more involved or just offer some input.


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