A Kennedy Moment for President Obama

Several years ago during the reaccreditation of Coventry High School several recommendations were made among them were curriculum changes. However, one item that got little notice at the time was attendance. It was found that students attended school about 96% of the time and teachers attended about 92% of the time.

We have been told that curriculum has been improved. We have not been told there is any progress in having teachers show up for work on a more consistent basis. The cost of substitute teachers is a factor in the budget and attendance should be a factor on any job.

We all know that teachers work very hard and are contracted to teach 182 days per year, have summers off, and vacation days whenever school is not in session. Simple math indicates if they are in school 92% of the time then they are out about 8%. If we take 8% of 182 we find that nearly 14 additional days are taken off. That is almost 3 weeks of teaching.

If the system is doing better with curriculum, and our students are making the honor roll in large numbers, albeit CMT test scores have not reflected huge progress but that could be due to other factors. The one question for today is……….

Do Coventry teachers still skip school at the same rate of about 8% or have we made progress in getting them to attend work?

Notice: Due to recent computer problems the Opining Quill has had to limit activity and access on the internet we are working hard to get back to normal.


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