Will You Answer The Call?

Help Wanted:  Must be able to accept criticism, willing to work free, give up evening family time and expect no thank you.  Your only reward will be looking in the mirror and knowing you did what you thought was best for your family and your neighbors.

This advertisement could be running in communities across the state soon as political parties look forward to the fall elections and begin to select candidates for local offices.  Not everyone is willing to do the job but in every community somebody must.  That somebody could be you.

You could be the next person sitting at the table leading your community making decisions on education or general government.  Good judgment is the best qualification; unfortunately too often those that step forward have a personal agenda or bias.  Your community needs leaders; it needs reasoned leadership and good judgment.  You could be the next person to make a difference.

In recent weeks the Opining Quill has spoken with individuals that have shown publically their ability to evaluate a question and make a judgment based on what is best for their community.  These individuals have been Democrats, Republicans and Unaffiliated voters I have asked each that they consider running for a position of leadership within the town. Political party was not a factor but good judgment was.  All would serve well even if they would not all agree on all issues.  I would hope all would run and serve, but that will not be the case some can not even give it consideration at this time.

Each of the political parties will be selecting candidates soon and while the Opining Quill is not a member of a political Town Committee and has no influence on their candidate selection, I would like to see both parties put forth candidates with good judgment and leadership skills.  If you know of a candidate you would like to recommend or perhaps you would like to run please consider contacting one of the local political committees.  Below is a web link to each of their websites where you can find contact information.

Coventry Democrats http://coventrydems.org/ Dorothy Grady, Chair

Coventry Republicans http://www.coventryrtc.com/ Joan Oros, Chairman

There are many opportunities to serve your community as a volunteer.  Some positions are elected while others are appointed.  Each position takes a different level of commitment but all are important.  Some committees or boards meet regularly while others meet only when needed.

Not everyone can serve, each Board or Commission is limited in size but having a pool of talent to pick from provides the flexibility to have good people in government.  You do not have to belong to a political party to be considered but you can make a difference, if you are willing to serve.


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