Birth Of A Party – And What A Party It Was!

Last night the Opining Quill witnessed the creativity and comedic genius of Coventry resident Jesse Haskell in his new movie Birth of a Party.  What was billed as a political convention documentary was far afield from a dry account of political happenings.  This was a blend of reality and intended comedy masterfully woven into an evening of shear entertainment.

The world premiere of Birth of a Party complete with red carpet entrance hosted by the ever attractive Ali, a well known New England Patriot cheerleader was much about the unexpected.  Once inside the theater it was a night to kick back, relax, and await what turned out to be a delightful evening of cinema.

Haskell played the lead role as one of three committed politically conservatives traveling from New England to New Orleans for the first convention of a new political party.  The Party is real and most of the other participants are not acting within a role but rather living their lives.

The Conservative Party USA sprang from the seeds of philosophy found in the Tea Party movement.  Delegates to the convention were committed to conservative principles but each had their own opinion and depth of knowledge.  Throughout the movie, last night’s theater audience broke out into open laughter at the antics of Mr. Haskell and yet they applauded the conservative delegate calling for the repeal of the 16th amendment.

Birth of a Party was filmed and edited by Emile Doucette and Tommy Papows working with Haskell, the 150 hours of raw footage became 81 minutes of pure entertainment.  In fact, the Cambridge Mass. audience didn’t want to leave the theater as they stood in the hall chatting and laughing after the show until theater management asked them to leave.

The evening was not without moments of political commentary and an exposure to the thoughts of the Conservative Party USA delegates.  Their commitment to core values and true concern for the Country they live in came across loud and clear.  Their open, honest dialogue was raw with emotion and reflective of more than just the delegates present.  Viewers could have easily expected the credits to roll with the background music of God Bless America, but that was not the case.

If your opinion of conservative thinkers is formulated be ready to crack the glass ceiling on your thoughts as the unexpected will become the norm as you watch Birth of a Party.  Conservatives and liberals will find reason to recommend this film but they are likely to have their differences of opinion as to why.  Reality is woven with intended comedy it is left to you to know the difference.

Birth of a Party while not rated “R” should not find its’ way into a civics class but will provide an evening of adult entertainment.  There was plenty of content to spark conversation but clearly the focus at the end of the night was the comedy brought to the screen by Jesse Haskell.


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  1. Chris

    I think you should probably make a correction — only one person in the audience applauded when the delegates discussed the repeal of the 16th amendment. (NOTE FROM THE QUILL: Perhaps you did not hear or see the others as I did although it was not theater wide there is no need for a correction)

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