A Crisis Needs No Blame Only A Root Cause

Pointing fingers, name calling and political posturing are not character traits we need from Washington leadership in the face of financial mismanagement.  As this is written on Friday afternoon our government faces a shutdown at midnight for lack of a budget.

Political leaders are blaming opponents for the stalemate in budget talks but that is not really the issue.  The voters know this finger pointing and blame game is child’s play and does not address the root cause of the budget talk failure.

The budget was due last October and the Democrats had majority control of both the House and the Senate.  A budget should have been passed, they had the power, they had the votes but they lacked the strength of leadership to get the job done.

Last year was an election year and rather than be honest, straight forward and upfront with the American people about their desire to spend more than the people could afford the Democratic majority obfuscated their position and failed in their responsibility.  They created what is known as a continuing resolution to temporarily fund government operations and kicked the can of financial responsibility down the street.

There is no question and no debating the fact that the Democrats had the required number of members to vote in a budget before the last election but they failed to act.  They had their chance and failed.  Now they are asking the new majority in the House of Representative to compromise on the positions that got them elected.  They are asking new members to flip flop on the positions that got them elected, recommending they turn their backs on the American people and vote for a position they themselves could have voted for last fall but didn’t have the strength of character to do so.

No, the American voter does not want to hear about blame, or see finger pointing.  The American voter wants to see leadership grounded in principles and good financial judgment.  Leaders willing to craft a budget open for inspection and comment, to be voted on in the light of day, and not passed at night, unread and unwritten like our healthcare bill.

America voted there were winners and there were losers, that’s the way the system works.  Now the voters expect the winners to stand straight and tall for the positions they took during the campaign, nothing more nothing less.

The rhetoric of negativity like that of Democratic Representative Louise Slaughter of New York saying of Republicans, “Now they’re here to kill women” is not only disgusting and divisive it is baseless.  It does not contribute to solving our financial problems so the only response can be some advice to Congresswoman Slaughter, enough Ms. Slaughter enough; the time has come for words of leadership not preschool prattle, it is time to grow up.


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