Looking Back and Looking Forward – The Importance of Local History

It is important that each generation preserve and protect some of our history and culture of the past, to provide generations of the future evidence and understanding of our historical and cultural foundations in this country.  The Coventry Historical Society, Inc. is doing that work here in Coventry.  They go beyond just preserving historical items they also bring a better understanding of history to our school children.

The Society continues to support our schools students by participating in local history studies with the Coventry schools.  Coventry students walk back in time by participating in the award winning program Coventry 1900-1913 presented in our schools at the third and eighth grade level.  The fourth grade curriculum includes a Society program called, A New England Mill Town at the Turn of the 20th Century.  This program incorporates twenty-two fourth grade goals, in eight standards of the Connecticut Social Studies Curriculum.

Saturday April 30th  at the Strong Porter Museum, 2382 South St from 10-4:00 there will be a Timeline Trade Fair open to the public free of charge.  Vendors in period costumes will be present offering their wares.  All proceeds from the event will benefit our schools.  This is an opportunity to see the type of items re-enactors use to create living history events from different periods.  Have you or your children ever visited with a Sutler?  Sutlers were people that followed an army or maintained a store on an army post to sell provisions to the soldiers.  Drop by this Saturday you may be surprised at what you see.

For more details on the Coventry Historical Society check out their website see link below.  It will provide you with a schedule of events and many interesting details concerning The Society including how to join.

One last thing to mention is their wish list of items needed.  These are items that will be used to preserve, protect, and promote the historical culture and treasures of Coventry for future generations.  If you can contribute any of these items you may contact the Coventry Historical Society through the website link listed just below the wish list.


Maintenance Equipment:                                   Administrative Items:

60’ of split rail fencing                           Office paper

A Pointed Shovel                                              Card Stock

Leaf Rakes                                                       Folders

Quality Chainsaw                                              Large Catalog Envelopes

Chainsaw Chaps                                               Padded Envelopes

Socket wrench set                                            Printer and scanner combined

Link to The Coventry Historical Society        http://www.ctcoventryhistoricalsociety.org/

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