The Vilification Of Business For Politics

Millions of immigrants have come to America with the dream of being free.  Free to pursue the “American Dream” although that dream means different things to different people the foundation of the dream is always personal freedom.  Freedom to establish and practice a religion, freedom to speak, and freedom to build a financial future for their families, that is the opportunity found as they pass by the Statute of Liberty or other ports of entry.

For generations they came, they toiled and they built this great nation.  One nation, one people, from the seeds of international ethnicity they joined together working side by side in a melting pot they became Americans.  Their families learned the language, and the American culture and traditions became a mixture of the old country and their new found home.

This great land was built with small business dreams, some of which became giant companies producing thousands of jobs and untold wealth.  The freedom that was uniquely American was also the environment for innovations and America led the world to a new standard of living.  Were all Americans enjoying the same lifestyle?  No of course not, but no where else on earth did they have the opportunities that were found in America.

The founders of American industry were brave individuals often risking everything they had on an idea and a dream.  Many failed and experienced the pain of bankruptcy and humiliation for their families.  It was the courageous entrepreneurs that provided the jobs, and the money to build our schools, our hospitals and our government.

Today we have a new vision of America and those very same entrepreneurs are now vilified and the object of ridicule fostered by political opportunists creating a perceived enemy to the common man.  The very same entrepreneurial spirit that built this country has become the object of scorn by some politicians and their willing followers.  Too often today the business community is viewed as a target of taxation to fund a growing culture of government.

The word profit in American has become a negative adjective and the object of scorn, and a target for the taking on the radar screen of politicians.  Politicians concerned more about re-election than the course they set for the people that elected them.  The enemy of the common man is not the entrepreneur, it is not the business community, and it is not the unemployed worker struggling to get by on unemployment, it is the politician that is not a leader.

America does not need to vilify and pit one group of Americans against another; American’s don’t need a common enemy to unite behind good leadership.  What America needs now is a true leader willing to toss politics aside, with the strength to say no to special interests of any kind including labor, business or social action groups.

America needs a leader that recognizes business is part of the solution to our economic problems.  It is the American spirit, ingenuity and creativity that must be unleashed to drive our economic engine to new heights.  American business is our friend not our enemy and politician unwilling to demonstrate the strength of character to lead should face vilification and ridicule from the voters.


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