Governor Wants A Quickie – Dad Has Advice

I remember words of advice spoken by my dad as he passed on life lessons.  “Take the time to do the job right the first time or you waste time doing it twice.  Measure twice cut once.  Look ahead, know where you are going.  Every thing you do has consequences.”  Yes, dad was a smart man and his words of wisdom have served well over time.  Governor Malloy would be well served if he read those words over twice and related them to his approach on the state budget.

Governor Malloy said Monday he is looking for a quick vote by the General Assembly on the budget proposal hammered out last week between his administration and Democratic lawmakers.  “I want a vote as soon as we can get it. And if as soon as we get it is tomorrow, I’ll take it”, those are the words of Governor, Dannel Malloy.

The only problem is the proposed budget is short 2 BILLION DOLLARS and depends on State labor unions giving concessions to make up the difference.  Now that is no minor problem and passing the budget now without looking ahead at the consequences is ill advised and risky for state taxpayers.

According to the logic of Gov. Malloy the business community wants to have “certainty and clarity and transparency” concerning the state budget.  They need to know that taxes will not be raised more than the 1.4 billion proposed in the first year and no more than the 1.2 billion in the second.  If that were true the logic of his thinking would have some merit but the failure of getting the concessions from the unions makes his logic flawed.

If the unions fail to agree to concessions the Governor has already proposed cutting state aid to cities and towns.  The cuts would be significant, in a budget the size of Coventry’s the announced amount would be over $3,000,000 dollars.  If the town budget is already adopted at the referendum on Tuesday the Town would have to look at raising taxes after the vote and before the tax bills go out in June.  The business community and you know that means higher taxes will be required to compensate for loss of state aid.  The ill advised and unfinished state budget if voted on and passed is a risky document for all.

The Governor is willing to vote now, risk a no concession position by the unions and then pass the problem over to the cities and towns and say the State budget is fine.  He is not thinking ahead, he is not looking at the consequences of his actions and he is not doing the job right the first time.

Words of advice for Governor Dannel P. Malloy:

Governor, the state budget problems were created with the policies and approval of the state legislature.  The consequences of their actions are now coming to light and it is the role and responsibility of you as Governor in conjunction with the legislators to solve those financial problems.  You wanted the job you told us you had answers you told us you were the man to lead the State of Connecticut now show us you are a leader.  Governor, kicking the can of financial responsibility back on the shoulders of local government while continuing the reckless spending and growth of government that got us into this mess is flat out wrong.  It is irresponsible, and you know it, when you were running for Governor you told us so.  Now stand tall as a leader, say no to the special interests, say yes for the taxpayers, do the right thing.  The last thing the taxpayers of Connecticut need is an afternoon quickie from their Governor.


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  1. Julie Blanchard

    Good point here. I would like to see our Town of Coventry budget prepared after the State on so we can know what we can count on from the State.

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