Easter Bunny Lesson Lost By Union Leaders

Recently children experienced the excitement that surrounds Easter and the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus.  While there is much to celebrate and learn some lessons of the Easter weekend come from a secular creation, the Easter Bunny.

The tradition is the Easter Bunny arrives with a basket full of chocolate goodies and hides colorful decorated Easter eggs and perhaps even one special golden egg.  Children learn soon enough that, there is no such thing as the Easter Bunny, there is no golden egg, chocolate bunnies don’t last forever and perhaps most important of all, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Unfortunately some people just never seem to mature, some never can relate metaphorical lessons to real life and some reject reality in favor of an idealistic impractical view of life.  Such is the case for State union labor leaders.

State worker unions have for years put all their eggs in one basket, dumping tons of dollars and time into the election of Democrats.  They have been repaid by those same politicians with goodie baskets filled not with chocolate bunnies but a basketful of benefits paid for by the taxpayers.  They received a golden handshake and the taxpayers paid with the yoke of taxation around their necks.  Like children they expect the fantasy to continue, they fail to see the reality of life in today’s world.

Governor Malloy was elected largely on the support of those very same unions but they failed to remember the dangers of putting all your eggs in one basket.  They failed to realize once he as Governor Dan Malloy must deal in reality.  Now we have a newly passed state budget that was  signed by the Governor at 3:00 p.m. yesterday.

One big problem the budget does not balance, and the state workers with their union leaders are sitting on one side of the scale while on the other side is one man, Governor Malloy.  He’s not a big guy but he carries the weight of leadership on his shoulders and he must balance the scale.  So far the unions have called his bluff, trusting as they do that their weight of support at election time will protect their basket full of goodies and protect their world of fantasy.

Governor Malloy is a street smart politician, not a painter but the unions think they have painted him into a corner with little room to maneuver.  Dan Malloy didn’t get to the governors office without learning how to fight his way out of a corner and he just may not back down even to union thugs.

Malloy just may have learned something from the Easter Bunny.  He has the golden egg; he got that on inauguration day.  He controls all their eggs and the unions have only one basket. The shelf life of their chocolate bunnies is coming to an end and Malloy has the opportunity to become the perceived leader for the people by reigning in the union bosses.  If Dan Malloy can begin to bring reality to government union labor his legacy as a leader will have a solid foundation on which to stand.

Dan Malloy may not need union support to get re-elected because he learned the lessons of the Easter Bunny.  Dan Malloy knows you don’t put all your eggs in one basket, there is no golden egg, and someday you have to face reality.  Right now Dan Malloy looks more like the sly fox than a chocolate rabbit in a union Easter Basket.


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