A Presidential Decision Open For Discussion

Ever since the death of Osama Bin Laden was announced we have had a media obsession with the event.  Talk radio, and the internet are abuzz with discussions concerning the lack of photos showing the corpse of the mastermind of terror, Osama Bin Laden.

The President has announced a decision to not release the pictures, was he correct in his thinking?  Yes, without equivocation that was the correct decision.  There are times particularly in issues of security that we are all better off when the less we know the better.  This is one of those times, this is when the Commander and Chief must make a judgment call and President Obama has made the right call.

This nation has been in a war against terrorists for a long time, so long that some of us don’t pay much attention to it any more.  That doesn’t mean the war is over, it is real and our sons and daughters are dying in the battles.  The death of Bin Laden is not the final shot to end this war it is only an incident in a long struggle.  Our enemies are still active; our enemies will still fight and die in their battle to destroy our way of life.

In war as in sport, it is never a wise decision to provide your opponents with motivation; it is never a wise decision to incite those that oppose you.  Nothing of good substance can be gained by viewing the gruesome pictures of a corpse mutilated from gunfire.  You can however provide your enemies with motivation and add to the glorification of their fallen warrior.

In simple terms the situation is like a bees nest too close to your front door.  Occasionally you and your guest have been stung so you decide to take action.  You knock down the nest but the next thing you know there are two nests and you are still getting stung.  This time you attack one nest with spray and wipe out the invaders of your space.  Now that leaves the second nest.

Do you poke it with a stick and say look what we did?  No that would be ill advised, it makes no sense to motivate those that remain only to have them attack you. Your best course of action is to use the same tactics and wipe out your opponents so you merely continue the attack and spray the second nest.  You annihilate the problem and all that enter you home are now safe once again.

We do not need to know the names of the brave individuals that took part in the attack; we do not need to identify their families to make them a target of our enemies.  We should not disclose what we have gained in terms of equipment or information from the attack.  The less we know the less our enemy can learn and the easier it will be to surprise them again and again and again, until the war is won.

We only need to know that we have successfully rid the world of an evil force intent on destroying the lives of our friends and families.  This time the President was correct, he acted to protect our security the mission was a success.

This is not a time to boast or gloat, it is a time to sharpen our focus, strengthen our determination and remember the real goal is to protect our sons and daughters with the defeat of those so determined to attack us.


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