Unfinished Business Deserves Action At Board Of Education

On February 17th the Coventry Board of Education held a meeting and some business from that meeting has been left undone and deserves action.  There was action requested during the audience of citizens and a troubling engineering report that needs a follow-up report to the public.

The first issue was concerning drug education and discipline within our school system.  The speaker, Devon Gamache was concerned with what may be described as a drug issue within our schools.  A check of the past meetings of the Board of Education Expulsion Committee (for more information see this link;  http://wp.me/pPLAn-ei) indicates there have been numerous problems.

Perhaps the most disturbing incident involved a student this week when a 911 call was required.  A classroom had to be evacuated, learning was interrupted and a life was at risk.  As lights flashed and sirens wailed the student was transported to the hospital. This was an emergency trip in what could have easily been a deadly incident.  Fortunately a life was saved.

The time has come for the Board of Education to honor the request of Mr. Gamache to at the very least place the issue of drugs, alcohol and discipline on their agenda for discussion.  The budget discussions are done, and there should be some concern and attention given to the health, safety and learning environment of our school system.  Mr. Gamache also wanted the discussions to address the issue within the curriculum.  Prevention is always better than a cure when it comes to these situations.

The second issue was the report by Jim Silva, from Silva Engineering concerning the structural integrity of our school buildings.  The findings are now more complete and the facts should be made public concerning the all the findings.  The new wing of the High School was a major focus where structural planning was not followed during construction and more information should be forthcoming.  What risk are we facing by not having the structure built according to design specifications?  Is the building as structurally sound as it was planned to be?

Many people can not attend BOE meetings but everyone can send an email, or make a call to ask that these issues be addressed immediately.  Now is the time for a call to action send an email today and/or attend the next Board of Education meeting and speak up.  Student safety and substance abuse are not issues that can be ignored.

Below is a link to the Board of Education website with the information on how to contact Board of Education members.



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