Coventry Candidates Considered Part I – The Town Council

The vast majority of voters in Coventry are not registered in a political party.  Statistically in Coventry if you have 10 people in a room 3 will be Democrats, 2 will be Republicans and 5 will be unaffiliated voters.  So who decides which people should be running for office?

The major political parties choose candidates in July to run for office in November.  The parties may never have much input from “outsiders” as to who should be a candidate so maybe we can help them out.  If you were choosing candidates for the fall election would you want those in office to run again? Over the next two days an evaluation of current office holders on the Town Council and the Board of Education shall appear here.

The opinions expressed here are based on personal observation and comments from others.  There has been no discussion with either party or their Nomination Committee.  It is not known which candidates they are considering or even if the current office holders are intending to run for re-election.  The opinions expressed here are not to be construed as a promotion for or an endorsement of any candidate and are merely offered for discussion purposes.

Current Town Council Members:

Chairperson, Elizabeth Woolf – Mrs. Woolf has served as Chairperson for two terms and deserved re-election after the first term but seems to have lost some of her edge.  During the second term she has shown less ability in the leadership position and often seems confused running the meeting.  Her opinions are expressed well and perhaps she should consider running but not serving as Chair if re-elected.

Vice-Chairman, William Zenko – A long-time member of the Town Council often leads the discussion on many issues and articulates his party’s position well.  Unfortunately during his most recent term he has failed to show up for meetings on too many occasions.  He has proven to be an able loyal party member over the years.

Chairman Finance Committee, Valdis Vinkles – A first term member that too often does not seem to command understanding of an issue or in depth interest.  His reports as Finance Chairman add little to convey understanding of financial issues.

Chairperson Steering Committee, Lisa Thomas – Ms. Thomas is in her second term and has represented her Party’s positions well in her current role on the Steering Committee.  As a Council member she often expresses more interest in social issues, culture events and political correctness that in substantive matters.

Member, Julie Blanchard – Ms. Blanchard is a veteran of both the Board of Education and the Town Council having served as Council Chair in the past.  She has a good understanding of most issues and often limits her discussion only to matters that she deems to be important.  Her contribution has room to expand with more input.

Member, Steven Hall – Mr. Hall has been a vocal member of the Council willing to stand for what he believes in even if it runs in contrary to the will of the public majority.  This was very evident in the discussions of tipper barrels when the vast majority of residents voiced support for the tipper barrels and Mr. Hall was ardent in his opposition.

Member, Richard Williams – Mr. Williams has shown a flair for judgment based on common sense and not on politics or political party.  He has been willing to ask probing questions concerning budget matters and his judgment reflects his putting concern for people over politics.  He stood alone and used his own funds for signs in fighting for tipper barrels before the Council reversed their vote and agreed with him.

Who do you think should run for re-election?  Who would you like to see replaced on the Town Council?  Here is an opportunity to give the nominating committees from both parties some input.  Should they run the same candidates?

The many emails and opinions received tell me the readers of the Opining Quill and friends on Facebook all seem to have opinions on actions of our local government and the current officials.  So here is an opportunity to let those on the nominating committees of the major parties know what you think of the current elected officials.  Now is the time to express how you feel before they endorse their candidates for the next election.

Would you like to see new faces?  Who would you like to see re-elected?  What attributes would you like to see in the nominees for the next Coventry election?   Comments maybe made by clicking on the link “Leave a comment” in the box below.

Silence and apathy erode the power of a democracy; let your voice be heard.


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