Curriculum If Not Tomorrow, When?

The agenda for the next Board of Education meeting is posted but something is missing. The discussion on new courses being added to the curriculum is not there.  (A link to the agenda will be found at the end of this posting)

If you watched the last meeting you know that new course discussion is supposed to be on this agenda unless there are more important issues that will cause the meeting to run late.  Since there are only two reports now on the regular agenda and one is a report on the culmination of Coventry’s Caring Community Project it is hard to understand why curriculum receives a lower priority.

Perhaps the best way to understand the issue is to listen to eleven minutes of tape from the last meeting.  (A link will be provided at the end of this post) The matter comes up at the end of a presentation on curriculum changes so you can start listening at the 41:00 mark of the meeting.  At that point Mr. Barrett asks the Board, “Since one of our main responsibilities is to approve curriculum is there any time that we will actually be looking at some of these courses to see if we as a Board want to add them?”

Over the last four years 9 new courses have been added and more are being added but the Board has never had a serious discussion as to the need, content, presentation or alternatives.  While discussions of this type are standard with other Boards of Education Coventry has not taken that approach.

While the presentation Thursday will be on a Caring Community Project it is rather sad and ironic that the Board of Education cares so little about curriculum changes on the same night.  Nine new courses since 2007 and they have never found the time to actually have them discussed in-depth on an agenda.

It seems reasonable to expect our Board of Education to review courses as they are added and to have an understanding of what is actually being presented as education in our classrooms.  During the 11 minutes of tape you will hear Ms. Beausoleil say, “I don’t believe we have the time to evaluate every course taught in school”.

If you observe Board of Education meetings on a regular basis and see how they spend their time, and on what issues it is hard to imagine that classroom curriculum can receive such a low priority.  If you are concerned with curriculum and the education of our students watching these 11 minutes of tape may give you a sense of priorities this Board of Education has given to the subject during their term.

Meeting agenda for this week

Link to last meeting tape      

You may fast forward the tape to the 41:00 mark – it may take a few moments to fully load


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