Higher Gas Prices or Real World Training, You Decide

There is a growing feeling among state leadership that the price of gasoline in Connecticut is too low.  They feel we need more pain at the pump.

State Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Daniel Esty recently advocated that we need a carbon emissions charge added to the operation of automobiles that would translate to higher gasoline prices for consumers.  Mr. Esty wants to create a financial incentive to shift our use away from fossil fuels.

In the words of Mr. Esty, “Let’s make people pay for the harm they cause”.  He wants to plant the seeds for this cancerous new fee soon.  He says the best way to accomplish his goal is to establish “an emissions charge of $5 per ton of greenhouse gases beginning in 2012, rising to $100 per ton by 2032”.  Yes, the intent is to plant the seeds of this destructive charge at a low initial threshold with the intent of raising it until it becomes a crippling burden.

Governor Dan Malloy also proposed raising gasoline taxes this year.  Why is it that these leaders do not see raising gasoline prices as damaging to economy?  Why is it that the average working man and woman is using up their extra cash every time they fill up and these men think the price should go up?

Perhaps their thinking is merely a symptom of a greater disease.  What they have in common is they both receive high wages and benefits paid for by average taxpayers.  They live in a different world, at a different level of expectation where wages regularly go up at levels above the reality of the real world.  State wages for many jobs (not all) are now at fantasy levels and a little more cost for gasoline is, just peanuts to those living high off the hog at taxpayer’s expense.

You may agree, you may want to pay more for gasoline, you may not see the harm the raising prices bring to families, and every business.  You may support Governor Malloy and Mr. Esty that is your right, but where is your compassion for your friends and neighbors?

Don’t you just wonder if Mr. Esty would support the taxpayer’s idea of lowering carbon emissions by taking away his state car benefit?  He could feel the same pain the taxpayers feel when he pulls up to the pump.  We could call it a benefit, a continuing educational experience.  How about we call this training, Real World 101?

This is not the time for more taxes, higher fees, greater benefits, and increased spending within state government.  Mr. Esty may be a well educated man but the way I see it his thinking is not within the realm of reality for the common man.

Governor Malloy was wrong on his gas tax proposal and he was wrong on his selection of Daniel Esty for State Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner.  Mr. Esty needs more real life experience, so the recommendation here is, Governor Malloy provide Mr. Esty a Real World 101 experience.


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