Looking In The Glass For Answers

As we approach June, across the country thousands will attend commencement exercises, speakers will rise and pontificate about the future and the opportunities available to the graduates.  Students will leave the protective halls of education to walk down the road of reality to face challenges in the real world.

Their road ahead is unknown, but it is certain that a new GPS device will be of little value.  It is not the challenges they come upon that will be a problem but rather how they overcome those challenges.  Their years in the classroom will only serve as a foundation upon which to build.  Life experience will become their greatest teacher.

They will find in life, just as in the classroom that easy rewards are no where near as satisfying as those they earn through hard work.  There will be those that come upon a fork in the road and take the level path because it is easy.  Some will choose the challenging path, and find a steep climb to the mountain top.  Some will turn and go back while others, gaining strength and endurance on the climb will find the view from the top to be a great reward.

Their rewards will come in different ways for each of them there will be times of sadness and times of joy.  Their happiness awaits their pursuit.

Every graduate at every level has dreams for the future and an idea of what will make them happy.  For each of them the dream is different and their happiness will come in different forms.

The success they seek will come, from them, not to them.  Today each of them has that which they need to reach their goal and the key can be found in a mirror. The message for graduates is a simple thought:

It is not what others think about you, but how you think about yourself that will enable you to live your dreams.  Your happiness will be found, within you.


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