Who Adds To Wealth, While You Share Sacrifice?

It wasn’t that long ago Richard Blumenthal and Linda McMahon faced off in a campaign to be the next United States Senator from Connecticut.  It was the most expensive campaign in Connecticut history by a wide margin.

The media advertising coming from Mr. Blumenthal portrayed Mrs. McMahon as trying to buy the seat because she was spending her own money in funding most of her campaign.  The image being sold by Mr. Blumenthal was I am one of you, you know me.

So let’s see how much you are like Mr. Blumenthal today.  He of course is now one of Connecticut’s United States Senators.  He is by far the wealthiest freshman member of Congress with an estimated wealth of $94,870,000.  Ok, so it is possible you don’t have nearly 95 million dollars. Let’s move on.

As Attorney General for the State of Connecticut last year Richard Blumenthal earned $110,000 this year his salary is $174,000.  Did you get a raise of $64,000 this year?  Ok, maybe not, but you’ll pay for his but let’s move on.

My guess is that you are paying a great deal of taxes in many forms to the State of Connecticut.  So what has that got to do with Mr. Blumenthal?  To put it bluntly, he needs your tax dollars for his benefits, after all his taxpayer paid salary is only $174,000.

Upon being elected to the U. S. Senate Mr. Blumenthal retired from state service and is now receiving a state pension of $51,360.  So he is now collecting $225,360 from the taxpayers yearly, plus benefits.  So he actually is receiving 115,360 more taxpayer dollars this year than he did last year.

Does anyone remember Linda McMahon promised to take no salary and to refuse government paid benefits with a two term limit?  She of course was portrayed as being rich and greedy.  Mr. Blumenthal won and he is entitled to all that he is grabbing but the difference between the image he sold and the man he is, is striking.  Linda McMahon had wealth but she was not looking for more at the expense of taxpayers, I wish we could say the same for Mr. Richard Blumenthal.

Governor Malloy is telling the taxpayers of Connecticut we must have shared sacrifice; we are in a financial hardship.  We the taxpayers of Connecticut are soon going to feel the impact of the largest tax hike in state history.  All of this for us while Mr. Blumenthal expands his wealth, increases his benefits and asks us to pay for it, wow what a man, what a Senator.

The next time you hear Senator Richard Blumenthal say, “You know me” you’ll know you are listening to the man reaching for your wallet for his wealth, while you share the sacrifice.  Maybe it would be better if he just said, “You know me, I pick your pocket”.

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