Drink Beer For Cure of Arthritis

Beer and arthritis are kind of unusual topics for discussion here at the Opining Quill but today we find politics and medicine in concert.  Before we leap forward to the details let’s look at the broad picture that brings all these factors together.

May 16th to the 22nd, is American Craft Beer Week and this year it is being celebrated with events in all fifty states.  There are over 800 events and countless ways to celebrate a craft and tradition that dates back to the early settlers of this country.  Supporting the traditions of our founding fathers sounds like a good reason to drink beer but it’s not the only reason.

In Connecticut even the state legislature is getting into the promotion of craft beers and encouraging drinking.  If that is a surprise wait until you find out how.  Our legislators are holding public hearings and moving forward a bill to establish a “beer trail” in Connecticut.  Yes they want to put out directional signs and promote travel going from one craft beer brewery to another.  Don’t you just wonder if a DIU checkpoint will be the end of the trail?

Seems like promoting travel and drinking as a joint activity is a move they feel will promote economic activity.  Did I just write “joint activity” well these are the same folks that want to legalize marijuana but let’s put that aside and get back to American Craft Beer Week.

In conjunction with ACBW this weekend at Rentschler Field in East Hartford, The Rising Pint Brewfest will be held with sample beers from over 20 brewers!  They’ll have food from some of the area’s tastiest place and musical entertainment.  You’ll enjoy Live Music from Fear Nuttin Band, Addison Station and Pete Scheips!!!  All this fun is for the benefit of the Arthritis Foundation so you can raise a pint and help to cure arthritis, now that is a noble cause.

After a week of cloudy, wet weather a little celebration of American Craft Beer Week may be just the cure you need by Saturday.  The fun begins at noon and runs until 5:00pm, advance tickets are available from ticketmaster for $41.10 each.  If you need more information about Brewfest try contacting Heather Schold at the Arthritis foundation:  hschold@arthritis.org or by telephone at 860-563-1177

If you can’t make it to Brewfest you can always find a way to celebrate on your own but remember to  limit the celebration responsibly and have a designated driver come along.  Plan your week, remember ACBW is a week long event.

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