KEITH ALLEN MILLER – He Will Never Be Forgotten

Connecticut Vietnam Memorial

Connecticut Vietnam Memorial

The postings for today and tomorrow are presented in memory and honor of a young marine that never made it home.  He will never be forgotten:

KEITH ALLAN MILLER         Born 5/27/48  –  Died 9/7/67

His name can be found on the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC Panel 26E Line 028

He was young, he was strong, he had brothers and sisters, he had dreams, and his life was cut short by enemy fire, but he has never been forgotten.  He is remembered not only on Memorial Day but every day.  He was a classmate and friend.

This song represents the lives of many that never made it home:

After you listen, take a few minutes to reflect on the words and think about men like Keith Miller,  that never returned and what they gave up for you and their country.


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