Lawmakers Or Lawbreakers Who Will Cause You Harm?

Recently the State Legislature debated a bill 189 pages long that would allow prisoners to earn time off their sentence and gain early release.  They also spent considerable time discussing new mandates for police.  Enough already!!!

It is hard enough for a police officer to investigate and arrest those committing crimes without giving them a get out of jail card.  Life is more serious than a game of Monopoly.  Listening to our local police chief speaking before the Town Council recently it was pointed out that an enormous amount of time is consumed on details required to gain an arrest and successfully prosecute individuals committing crimes against society.

The cost of criminal activity is enormous not only in dollars but in quality of life.  Recently local merchants have seen armed robbery up close and personal, an experience that is not soon forgotten.  The feeling of violation when you come home and find your home ransacked is unsettling and too often the case goes unsolved.

Our police force has provided ample evidence that an additional officer is required.  Some residents have said we don’t need more police, the cost is too high.  So what is the solution?  To lower the cost for criminal behavior we may look at the wisdom of the State Legislature and the 189 pages designed to save money in our criminal justice budget.  Of course legislators are diverting emphasis on the early release portion and trying to emphasize the requirements for “educational programs”.

If we let criminals out of jail early we lower the cost at the state level, which is the wisdom of our liberal legislators.  Don’t you just wonder how much would be saved in terms of dollars and angst by law abiding citizens if we left criminals in to do the time, for doing the crime?  Early release is not the answer to lower criminal behavior or cost, ask any police officer about patterns of behavior and repeat offenders.

Our legislature has not made a good case for the need of this legislation.  Our State needs jobs and opportunities not more criminals on the streets.  If they spent as much time eliminating mandates, that burden business, and required excess cost to municipalities we would all be better off.

They could start with the requirements for prevailing wage on municipal construction then move on to the burdens of business.  Unfortunately they have chosen to add burdens during this legislative session and reduce incentives for new business in Connecticut.  It seems our legislature is doing more for criminals than for taxpayers, police or business.  The next time you or your family are victims of crime remember it’s not your legislators that have your back it is the local police, and too often their hands are tied by mandates.

When it comes to crimes against persons where who do you find the most objectionable the people, in Connecticut prisons or your State Capital?  One group makes the laws the other breaks the laws, both can do equal harm to you and your family.



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