Jefferson, A Men of Vision But He Never Saw This In Our Governmen

There is a disconnection between government leaders and the people that elected them.  No longer are leaders sent to Washington to serve one or two terms and return to their homes to continue their profession.  Politics has become a profession, not only for candidates but for consultants, lobbyists, and professional fundraisers.

Is our government today really what it was conceived to be or have we allowed it take on a wider role in our lives?  There is little doubt that the founding fathers never intended government at any level to become as intrusive into private lives as it is today.

Government has expanded from a limited role of providing for the common defense and promoting general welfare to nearly a welfare state in many communities.  Our national leaders today have become a privileged class created by their own power and exempt from their own laws.  Sadly, we the people let it happen by our own apathy; we trusted our leaders to do the right thing.  Our leaders have abused that trust and crafted privilege and position for their advantage.

Candidates today often attack the companies we work for, not because they provide our jobs and stimulate our economy but because it creates a perception of a threat.  Once created the solution offered is for a larger government to protect the people, to provide a safety net and to expand the intrusion of government into our lives.  We have blindly walked down a slippery slope toward government dependency and that is not in the long term interest of a democracy or in concert with the ideals of Jefferson and the founding fathers.

The more dependent the people become on government the less the principles of democracy will benefit this nation.  We are slowing walking to a precipice when the major consideration for electing a candidate will be answered by the question, “What’s in it for me?”  Will it be greed that motivates a vote or perhaps mere survival from a dependency class?

Government dependency is not only from entitlements but can also be from employment.  We need a strong economy, and economic strength will not be based on government employment, it can only be created and sustained by business.  Big business, small companies and even mom and pop enterprises are not our enemy they are the foundation of our economy.

We need leaders that understand business, risk, and opportunity.  Dumping trillions of dollars into the war on poverty did not solve the problem, but it may have further developed generations of economically government dependent families.  Our inner cities have eroded as their educational systems have crumbled and schools have become centers for government breakfast, lunch and healthcare.  That type of thinking does not create an atmosphere and culture of opportunity as much as dependency.

It is time for each of us to become more attuned to what is happening at every level of government.  You can be a watch dog for democracy by merely staying informed and sharing your knowledge with your friends, family and neighbors.  Voting, electing and trusting others to do the job is not enough, each of us must take a little responsibility for our government that is how a democracy works.


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