Mr. Williams is Ignored and Town Council Will Raise Coventry Taxes

Tonight the Town Council will vote to establish the mil rate and provide money for the slush funds established by the over funding of the health insurance line item in the budget.  While the total amount of over funding is not yet certain it is known to be over $400,000 and could be double that amount.  If you are not aware of the slush fund issue see the posting for yesterday here at the Opining Quill.

At the last meeting Council member Richard Williams asked that the next agenda include an opportunity to discuss the over funding or at the very least to have it on the agenda to receive an update as to the status of the excess money.  Is it on this agenda?  NO!!!

Why does the current leadership on the Town Council and Board of Education continually attempt to keep the public in the dark and poorly informed?  Is it because the truth is too embarrassing?

During the last Town Council meeting at the 1:21:21 mark a discussion of the overfunding took place and there was a request by Mr. Williams made at the 1:25:25 mark to have it on the next agenda.  The discussion went until 1:30:30 and yet it is never even recorded in the minutes.  Could it be because the person taking the minutes is a member of the Democratic Town Committee?  Is it an intentional plan to keep the citizens in the dark as part of an election plan?

Why this question of who takes the minutes should even be raised, is disturbing.  Why this is happening in Coventry, should be a concern to every citizen.  Is the election so important as to compromise the integrity of our government?  Is it just false evidence appearing real or perhaps just a poor set of circumstances that appears to be conspiratorial?

The minutes of a public meeting should never be open to a question of politics and even the appearance of impropriety should be avoided.  The Town Council should at the very least revise the minutes from last meeting to reflect what actually occurred, and they should honor the request of Mr. Williams to have the health insurance funding on the agenda.  If for no other reason than to update members as too the current status and to keep the public informed, after all it is a significant amount of taxpayer money.


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