Town Council Pontificates On Surplus While Fighting For Silence

A simple request by Richard Williams to have the health insurance line item on the Town Council agenda last night was stonewalled and fought in a silly display politics.  While the motion was a simple request to have the item on the agenda so that the public could hear an update as too what is happening with their money the majority spoke against the motion.

What made the entire situation comical was that in objecting to the motion with long winded orations the discussion was held without the formality of it being called an agenda item.  In fact Mr. Williams finally withdrew the motion after a long discussion of the issue, which was the point of his original motion.

When a Democratic Party member wanted to add an item to the agenda it was quickly done without all the pontification.  In fact it was so fast Mr. Williams commented, “Oh is that how you do it” and his comment was received with laughs by the Democrats at the table.  A little civility and respect to Mr. Williams would have been nice to see.  The alteration to the agenda went so fast that Chairwomen Woolf became confused and called for the vote a second time before being corrected.

The health insurance again came to the table as part of the discussion on the Fiscal Committee Report.  Once again it was discussed at length apparently it became an acceptable time and subject.  To the casual watcher it would seem the issue can be discussed as long as it is not on the agenda at the request of Mr. Williams.  Does it make you wonder if politics comes before the interest of good government?

The report of members which is on the agenda at every meeting has become a rather odd moment during the meetings.  Often members are speaking about some activity they have participated in recently, or promoting a business with free advertising.  Sometimes it seems that these reports are superfluous to the purpose of the meetings or merely self serving.  Too often after one of these reports the question comes to mind, what has that got to do with the Town Council, what was the point?

After the meeting with some reflection on the proceedings there are some closing thoughts.  You have to wonder why the Chair finds it problematic to have the surplus created by over funding health insurance on the agenda but has no problem with a discussion of a wine and cheese party, or an advertisement “shout out” for a local business.

As voters we can each come to our own conclusions about the proceedings.  We can watch a meeting like this and see what the priorities of the leadership are and cast our votes in the future accordingly.

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