We Have Governor Malloy Not Thomas Jefferson, God Help Us

The Governor will address the General Assembly tonight as the current session draws to a close.  Back in January he also addressed the General Assembly when he presented his inaugural address.

Back then it was cold day in Connecticut but the Governor declared the State open for business.  He talked about shared sacrifice.  Here at the Opining Quill a note of caution was written with these words, “Get ready that sounds like a warning bell for a tax increase coming soon to your household.”

The reaction of one reader was to comment, “Would you at least give our new Governor a chance?”  Well he has had his chance and he delivered the largest tax increase in State history.  He has shown no willingness to reduce current levels of spending.  Instead he talks about reductions when he really means limiting new spending.  That is not a reduction that is political smoke and mirrors.

Tonight he will speak again, and we can only speculate on what he may say.  We can expect that he will applaud the new mandates placed on business.  There is little doubt he will tell us how he had to raise taxes to take care of us.  Will that tax increase really create a better life for all of us?

At times like this I am reminded of the words of Thomas Jefferson, “I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”  Take the time to read that quote again and reflect on our new tax increase and why the Governor Malloy says we need it.

We have spent trillions of dollars on the “war on poverty” since the 1960’s and we have seen little in the way of eliminating poverty in this country as a result.  The Governor likely will mention the safety net of services that were preserved by his tax increase and that may be true.  The question is, why preserve them in their present form if for 40 years they have not made substantial progress and accomplished the task for which they were designed.

We have more families on government food subsidy now than at any time in our history, we have more families in subsidized housing, and yet we travel down the same road protecting the same programs.  Families don’t need a subsidy, they need education and opportunity.  Our families need a path away from government dependency.

The happiness that Thomas Jefferson envisioned for Americans was not a life of existence on government subsidy.  The happiness found in accomplishment from work is far more satisfying than a government subsidy.  Too many American families have lost the vision of happiness through generations of dependency on government subsidy.  What has this legislature and this tax increase done to break that cycle, nothing of substance they have done what they always do preserved those votes of support by prolonging the suffering.

This legislature spent more time to legalize marijuana and allow males to use the public restrooms designed and intended for females than it did in eliminating the culture of government dependency.  What the economy needed was jobs, what they delivered was more mandates on business making it even more difficult to create new jobs.

The Governor may wrap it up tonight and the speech may be polished but there will not be a better life and road away from government dependency for impoverished Connecticut families.  For Connecticut taxpayers the message really is your government has failed to act and will be repeating the same mistakes.


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