Something New and Good Is Coming to Coventry

Something new, something old is a rare combination to find together but when it does happen the results can be a treasure.  It’s happening in Coventry and residents as well as visitors will soon enjoy the benefits of this combination.

For those that travel along route 44 the grand opening will come as no surprise as they have seen the work progress on the new Country Snack Bar.  Located just west of the 7-11 gas station the site is taking shape and quickly becoming an attractive addition to the Coventry business community.

While the business is new in Coventry the owner Carla Barton is not new to the business. Many residents may remember with delight her food and hospitality in Bolton last year when she was located on the grounds of Liberty Candle Company.  The Town of Bolton however, changed zoning regulations since last year necessitating the move to Coventry.

Bolton’s loss will become a welcome addition in Coventry.  The Barton family has built a reputation based on past performance of doing things right.  The location has been improved with ample parking, attractive plantings, and structures that blend in with the rural character of Coventry.

Coventry will soon find out that the Barton’s are committed to cooking up food the way you like it.  Quality and value has been the trademark of Carla Barton in the past and her loyal customers are already asking about her big burgers and onion rings.

Pleasant aromas and surprises will always await the hungry with Carla’s daily specials.  When you place your order you’ll never get something that has been sitting on the grill staying warm. Unlike many food outlets the Country Snack Bar will custom cook your order especially for you just the way you like it.

A past loyal customer was heard to say, “It’s easy to be loyal when you’re hungry and the food is so good.   Lunch at the Country Snack Bar can be a snack or a meal but either way you’ll walk away satisfied”.

If you like to start your day the right way with a country breakfast or a quick cup of coffee the Country Snack Bar could soon be your favorite spot to start your day.  The grand opening is about to happen so stop by soon and enjoy some good cookin’!!

The Grand Opening will be Monday June 20th!!

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