Lead By Example Opportunity Knocks

In the world of sports, in the corporate world, and in life good leaders lead by example and this week our elected members of the State General Assembly have an opportunity to do just that.  There will be a special session to deal with the budget crisis created when the State employees failed to approved contract revisions.

Now is a excellent time for the same leaders that told us the budget was in place to come clean and admit they never really had a budget they only had a proposal.  Now is the time for those leaders that voted for that proposal to admit they really had a dog and pony show with smoke and mirrors and never really had a balanced budget.

If the budget had been balanced as called for by our state constitution there would be no need for changes now.  A real budget would have saved the taxpayers the expense of a special session.  That is what brings up the opportunity for leadership, lead by example.  The majority that voted for the current budget should now return to Hartford at their expense to correct their error.

Yes, I am proposing that there be no food allowance, no transportation allowance, and no additional wages paid.  Let our leaders return to the state capitol and fix the mess they made on their dime, let them experience life like the working men and women that pay their taxes do everyday in the real world.

When the taxpayers entrusted politicians with a vote of confidence and elected them to office we have a right to expect that they will do the job correctly.  It really is not much different then when we call an electrician to fix a faulty circuit we expect the job is done when he tells us he has finished and gone home.  When we plug in a toaster and it doesn’t work we expect him to return and fix the circuit without additional cost.

Last month we watched as a game of charades was played out and the public was told we have a budget.  Towns and cities depend on state funding and talk of adjusting that amount now after budgets have been adopted would be inexcusable and morally wrong.

The government of liberalism that drove our cities into pockets of poverty is now creeping across Connecticut like a cancer driving away our economic base, endangering our economic future and eroding our fine heritage.  This budget fiasco is a symptom of a greater problem we have an infestation of apathy that has allowed government service and employment to become an abused all you can eat feeding trough.

Connecticut needs leaders and leadership that will lead by example, making tough decisions not in the interest of the unions and other special interest groups but in the best interest of the people that pay the bills, the Connecticut taxpayers.  Each of us must activate an interest in public affairs to cure the ills that apathy has wrought upon us.  Public pressure and active voters are the backbone of good government, are you informed are you doing your part?


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