Children, Memories And Family Moments

Sometimes moments of reflection bring forth incredible observations.  When tragedy strikes it comes without warning.  Sometimes it changes your perspective, this is a story about just such a time.

It had been months since his son had died; a son that had brought such great joy and pride to a man’s heart.  A recent high school graduate, now a college student with a promising future, and suddenly he was gone.  The memory will never dye and the hurt will scar the heart forever his observations and interpretations have taken a dramatic turn.

Here it is June and he finds himself in a fireworks tent sitting and watching as the register rings and people get ready to celebrate the birth of our nation.  In a low voice he breaks the silence with pearls of wisdom.

In almost a whisper so as not too disturb any one he says, “See that father and daughter, over there and the lady on the other side with the little boy and little girl they are what makes fireworks so very special.  What is going on here is so much more than shopping and fireworks.”

He went on, “I have been watching for over an hour as people come in, most with family members, all are smiling and happy.  There is excitement in the air, they are shopping together and talking about a family gathering, aunts, uncles, grandma, friends, relatives and neighbors coming together to celebrate and light the fireworks.”  He paused, looked me straight in the eye and said, “There is no other product that promotes family bonding like fireworks, and there is no other product that brings families together to shop for it with the anticipation of gathering folks together to share in the joy of being a family celebrating together.”

He continued, “Christmas is special and the tree is nice but it doesn’t do what the fireworks are doing to promote family bonding based on a single product.  Almost everyone here has told a story about family memories from childhood and the role fireworks played in those memories.”  He was right on and any one that has spent time selling fireworks has seen this phenomena.

Fireworks bring a special glow and excitement to children’s eyes, men become little boys and moms feel the joy and warmth of family gathered around her.  Thirty or forty years from now the toys of Christmas, a video game and an ice cream cone will be forgotten but the family memories of fireworks and the Fourth of July will still bring smiles and reminiscence of good times.

Yes the man had it right you can’t put a price on family fun.  In the grand scheme of life a few more dollars on fireworks is a small price to pay for a lifetime of memories, and smiles.

The above story is based in reality the site was a fireworks tent in Bolton, Connecticut.



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2 responses to “Children, Memories And Family Moments

  1. Wow! So insightful and heartfelt. Would like to share my family with this man who has suffered such a loss.

  2. Anonymous

    very touching I loved it

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