It Just Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This

Slowly she walked to the register, a woman nearing retirement but today she had a special smile, a bit of a glow about her.  Today she was buying something special; she was buying back a memory.

She placed her basket on the counter and with almost a reverence she took out each item giving it a little glance and smile before placing it on the counter.  When she finished the counter was full of fireworks of every size and shape.  Then she spoke, “My husband is going to kill me, I was only supposed to get a package of sparklers.”

She could hold back no longer and she had to share her thoughts;

 “When I was a little girl I grew up in Manchester and fireworks were legal in Connecticut but they were not sold in Manchester.  So every year about this time my grandpa would come over and ask me if I wanted to go for a ride.  Well I knew what that meant; we would be going to buy fireworks.  I would get to ride in the front seat and we would head out to Bolton to a little white shack on the top of the hill.”

“I would help my grandpa pick out the fireworks and we would head home together it was really something special for me.  Later that night we would gather together, the whole family and grandpa would let me help him light the fireworks.  It was my time with my grandpa.”

Slowly she raised her head toward the sky, a tear rolled down her cheek and she said softly, “Grandpa these are for you.”

It was a special moment and each year as we get near the Fourth of July I think of that lady and her grandpa.  I think about those memories that make life so beautiful, those special moments.

As we near the Fourth of July you can still go to Bolton on the top of the hill to buy fireworks near the spot the old white shed stood, but now you find them in the Liberty Candle shop.  They’ll be open evenings for the fireworks sale.

Why not enjoy the Fourth and have a special moment of your own, you can print out a coupon for $10.00 off at the TNT fireworks website under the tab marked promotions, stands and tents.


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  1. loretta

    That is so touching, this is the first year that my dad wont be here for the fourth of July he passed away almost a year ago and its the little things that you used to do that you think about that at the time you were doing them it was just something you did, but after that loved one is gone it turns into so much more. Thanks for the posting this.

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