The Winds Of Change Are Blowing Over Coventry Education

The winds of change are blowing through the Coventry school district.  We are now faced with major changes coming in our educational administration as other administrators depart.

First we learned the Superintendent Dr. Donna Bernard was leaving.  Now we have been told Sean Tomany the Assistant Principal at Coventry High School will be leaving.  Change does not stop there it has also been announced that Scott Sadinsky the Assistant Principal at the Captain Nathan Hale School will also be leaving.

These changes will quickly be followed by new members coming to the Board of Education due to the fall elections.  This leaves Coventry with an opportunity to take a look at leadership and direction and to continue along the same path or to make changes as the community sees fit.

When the announcement of Dr. Bernard leaving was made, Board of Education member John Barrett brought forth the idea of naming an interim Superintendent.  That idea was shot down by the majority on the Board of Education saying they would have time to replace Dr. Bernard before she leaves in August.  It now seems Mr. Barrett may have been correct.

We are now faced with Dr. Bernard as a lame duck Superintendent perhaps naming two Assistant Principals for the next Superintendent to introduce to the system.  The other alternative would be to leave the positions open until the next Superintendent is selected and can set direction for the district.

The next Superintendent could very well decide that an opportunity is upon us for a major change and cost cutting in administrative expenditures.  Since the high school and the middle school are now connected as a single building perhaps a single principal with two assistants is really all we need.  The enrollment is certainly smaller than many other single school buildings.  It is an idea that deserves close scrutiny.

This is an opportunity that should be looked at and it should be placed in the hands of the new administration.  To rush forward staff appointments before Dr. Bernard leaves would be short sighted.  To maintain the status quo just because that’s the way we have always done it is also short sighted.

Part of the process in hiring a new Superintendent is the vision that a person may bring to our district.  It would be a mistake to cloud that vision with the cataracts of short-sighted staff appointments.  It would be far better to allow the new leader to structure, interview and hire the staff that can best form a team to attain the goals they envision.

The team building opportunity these administrative openings present to a new Superintendent should not be overlooked or eliminated.  This opportunity should become an attractive asset to the job opportunity we present to our candidates for becoming our new Superintendent of Schools.


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