The Luchbuckets’ Lesson Can Bring National Prosperity

Joe Lunchbucket and his significant other Sally Spender are enjoying a shrimp cocktail and a drink before dinner.  Joe has just come home from work and as is their custom they will enjoy a happy hour as they open the mail for the day.

Sally asks Joe if he would like to grill the steaks while she steams the lobster, after all it is Friday and surf and turf is the best way to kick-off a great weekend.  Joe replies, “the grill is already started and the coals will be ready soon”.  Then there is a low moan, something in the mail has gotten Joe’s attention.

Joe the normally easy going guy suddenly seems a bit excited.  His voice raises a bit and he breaks the silence, “This has got to stop, we have a problem, our Visa is over the limit, we owe Macy’s a ton of money, the second mortgage balloon payment is due in Sept. and my truck is on its’ last leg”.  He continues, “I don’t get any overtime anymore, this recession is killing us, Sally you have to cut back”.

Sally always sees life through rose colored glasses, it is her free spirit that Joe finds intriguing, “I can’t just stop spending we have to eat, I need cloths and next season you will probably get some overtime and everything will be fine, now have another drink and calm down”.  Joe listens to Sally but he just can not let it go, “We are not making enough to cover all of our expenses, the interest alone is starting to eat us alive and by Sept. we have all that money due, we may have to sell the house.”

Sally remains calm and simply responds, “Joe just go to work tomorrow and tell them you need more money, that the cost of living has gone up and you can’t live the way you do without more money.”  Sally wants to be helpful and knows Joe will have trouble asking the boss for more money so she offers this advice.  “Just march into his office and tell him that the foreman makes way more than you and it is time to level the playing field a little and give you more by taking some away from the Freddy Foreman.”

Joe loves Sally but knows the real problem is her spending habits and tells her “I can not just ask the boss for more money so you can keep spending like we are millionaires, you have to cut back.”  Now the real problem begins as Sally turns her back and walks into the kitchen and Joe heads to the garage, neither wants to force the issue and come to a realistic solution.

So there you have it our national debt crisis reduced to the local level.  Joe is a registered Republican and Sally is a Democrat our nation is in debt, we are overspent and now we have reached our limits of borrowing.

Mr. Obama seems to think the solution is to borrow more money, ask some taxpayers to pay more and then look at some reductions in spending.  Unfortunately the spending reductions we have seen in the past from government are not actual decreases in spending but rather increases in smaller increments then called a decrease.

Why is it so easy to see the problem when you break it down to Joe and Sally but when it comes to the government some people have their sense of reality on the back burner?  This nation can not continue to spend money we don’t have, we can not continue to increase our interest payments on debt.

We are crippling our nation under the burden of debt and entitlement obligations we can not afford.  The answer is not to look for somebody else to pay the bill for our mismanagement.

The answer is responsibility and prudence in spending with realistic expectations that are within the ability of our nation to realistically afford.  We have overspent, over promised, over borrowed, over taxed and we wonder how it happened.  We need only to reverse course; spend less, borrow less, promise only what we can afford and reduce taxes, in short we must live in reality.  We can once again prosper as a nation.



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One response to “The Luchbuckets’ Lesson Can Bring National Prosperity

  1. kristen

    Joe and Sally just may be my next real-estate short sale as they are pending foreclosure…the Housing crisis is very real, rentals are up and more difficult to find…hard working families are losing their home, not to mention their credit score.
    It’s a faultering economy….what’s going to happen next?

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