They Spent Your Money – Now The Truth Leaks Out

Governor Malloy has provided a list of department layoffs of State employees and the savings from each department.  Something looks a bit strange in the list.

Take as an example the Office of Policy and Management where four (4) people will receive pink slips and the taxpayers will save $5,953,880 over the next two (2) years.  That is a savings of nearly $1.5 million dollars per employee!

A simple question comes to mind here.  Why?  Why are the people that were working on the policy and management of our State getting paid so much?  Were they doing such a fabulous job or were they part of our policy and management problem that got us into this financial mess?

Three quarters of a million dollars per employee per year is a lot of money and as one taxpayer said, “What were they doing over there curing cancer?”  Perhaps that would not be too much to expect for that kind of cost.  The sad truth is they were aiding and abetting politicians as they mismanaged our money.

Here’s another example, four people at the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection will save the taxpayers $1,013,307 in the year 2013 alone.  The Democratic Party has been talking about profits in big oil lately.  Well it looks to me like there was some pretty good money being made in big government in our Connecticut Department of Energy and Environment with the support of the same Democratic Party.  Apparently big government is ok but big business is sinister.

Tough working environments sometimes require higher pay; I mean some tasks are difficult and dangerous.  I just have to wonder how dangerous the state library is when we layoff only ten people and save on the average $293,000 per person.  Do you wonder if the cost was inflated over what the real world job market would pay for equal work?

Part of Governor Malloy’s plan includes listing as layoffs positions that are vacant and do not actually have workers currently assigned to them.  In fact it calls for 1599 of those “workers” to be let go.  Oh, such hardship and pain, if no one is on the job now will we miss their service over the next two years?  Is this another example of smoke and mirrors or what?

There are two people that will be leaving the Lieutenant Governor’s Office under the plan and you have to wonder about that one.  Just what is going on in that office?  Every time you see Governor Malloy the Lieutenant Governor is standing within arms reach.  Do you recall that situation with any other Lieutenant Governor ever happening before?  Does she even know where her office is and what goes on there?

That is where your money invested in Connecticut government has been going.  The recent discussions about the cost of employee benefits and salaries are valid; taxpayers need to know how much they really pay for government service.  The above examples are real, they are provided by your Governor and the costs were approved in the past by your elected officials.

Can we continue down the road of tax and spend with guaranteed raises, longevity bonuses, total healthcare, and even guaranteed employment?  What are the limits of the taxpayers?  Can we afford to pay for luxury compensation packages with limited checks and balances for productivity and performance?  There is only a single way to change the system and it relies on you and your vote.

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