More Leadership Lost At Coventry Board of Education

Coventry will experience profound change this year in the leadership and oversight of the education of their students.  Three leaders from the Board of Education will not be seeking a new term.  The fall elections will not find Cheryl Trudon, John Barrett or Mark Malcolm on the ballot.

Ms. Trudon a Democrat is the current Chairman of the Board of Education and a long time member.  Ms. Trudon became Chairman after the death of another long serving member, Larry Pietrantonio last winter.  Mr. Pietrantonio had extensive experience in oversight of our educational building projects and served with dedication as an advocate for education.

John Barrett served multiple terms and was by any definition an active member of the Board of Education, known for his dedication to the ideals and belief in what was best for the students and the community.  He was often a lone voice of reason when issues of adherence to policy were concerned.  John was a voice of common sense and compassion.

Mark Malcolm served only a single term but was a refreshing voice of calm reason and financial responsibility.  Mark was elected as an unaffiliated voter endorsed by the Republican Party and served with an open mind and thoughtful concern for his community.

The service, experience and leadership of these four individuals will be missed by the citizens of Coventry.  This will bring great opportunities and changes to our educational programs.  There will be a new Superintendent of Schools, two new vice-principals and now the citizens of Coventry will have to choose new elected leaders to replace the loss of not only members of the Board of Education but the collective leadership of the Board of Education.

The endorsed candidates that will be on the ballot this fall for the Board of Education in Coventry will be:


Democrats                                                        Republicans

Jennifer Beausoleil                                          Todd Cancelliere

Mary Kortmann                                                Mary Ann Emanuel

Gene Marchand                                                 Mary Minor

Denise Ryan                                                       William Oros


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