Williams and Zenko Leaving Town Council Void To Be Filled

The Town Council of Coventry may have shorter meetings next year and discussions could be less intense with current members William Zenko and Richard Williams not seeking another term.

Richard Williams “the man who has never lost an election” has been a popular candidate with Coventry voters.  Mr. Williams has served on both the Board of Education and the Town Council.  He has been the voice of the common man, often irritating his political opposition with his common sense non-political approach to issues.

Mr. Williams will perhaps be best remembered as the man that that single handedly and with his own money fought for the citizens of Coventry in a campaign known as “Dump The Green Bag”.  It was his efforts with signs, and flyers that got the ball rolling and eventually caused the majority on the Town Council to reverse their vote in favor of our current system using tipper barrels for both trash and recycling.

Mr. Zenko has been on the Town Council longer than any other current member of the Town Council.  While Mr. Zenko has not served as Chairman of the Democratic Party or the Town Council he is recognized by many Coventry voters as the leading Democratic spokesman in Town.

Mr. Zenko a former union president has continued his strong support for union issues as a member of the Town Council.  His political acumen has been a valuable asset for the Democratic majority while serving on the Town Council.  Bill Zenko has also been passionate about the preservation of open space and the Town acquisition of land at every opportunity.

Observers of Town Council meetings will remember Bill Zenko as the leading voice for the Democratic position on most any issue.  Mr. Zenko is the current Vice-Chairman of the Town Council sitting next to Chairman Elizabeth Woolf often offering assistance and advice to her during the meeting.  His contribution in this regard will be missed.

These are two men that have served their community well; each was dedicated to the job and often in opposition from the other but both believed in the honor of their cause.  Their insight, experience and dedication will leave a void to fill by others on the next Town Council.

Coventry voters will find several new names on the ballot this fall for Town Council some of which voters may not currently know but will learn more about as we prepare for the vote in November.  Here is a list of the currently endorsed candidates for the Town Council:

Democrates                                                      Republicans

Antonia Conti                                                   Julie Blanchard

Steven Hall                                                       Phyllis Chicoine

Joan Lewis                                                         Michael Griswold

Lisa Thomas                                                     Jeffery Shorts

Elizabeth Woolf

The Opining Quill will be providing more information about the candidates and issues as we move closer to the election.  Thank you for reading the Opining Quill you are invited to become a friend on Facebook or subscriber.  If you enjoy this site please tell a friend.



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