For Mr. Obama, A Time To Listen

Last night President Obama spoke to the nation.  We have two ears and one mouth and we should all remember there are times to speak and times to listen.  Mr. Obama choose to speak, his message was predictable and clear. He put the blame for the financial crisis on the Republicans.  That makes for good political posturing but hardly makes sense.

President Obama took office in 2008 and had dominating majorities in both the U. S. Senate and the House of Representatives.  The Democratic Party had the voting majority to pass budgets in any form, and to spend money as they saw fit.  They set the agenda, and they spent money, while making their number one priority a national health care plan that was ultimately passed without being completely written.

Then in 2010 the American people went to the ballot box and rejected the policies and politics that had been happening in Washington.  The President saw the House of Representatives change leadership it was a signal that the American people wanted change.  The many of the new members were elected on an agenda to reduce government spending, reduce the size and scope of government and to control taxes.

It was on that agenda and promise that the American people elected them and entrusted them with their vote.  Now the President wants them to break that promise, ignore the people that elected them and join with him to continue the path down which the American people clearly do not want to go.  A path of increased taxes, increased spending, larger government and higher debt was not the path they were elected to take.

The new members of Congress are standing firm and not selling out the people that voted them into office.  This is honest representation in Washington, this is representing the values and agenda upon which they were elected this is a refreshing new wave of political representation.

Mr. Obama blames the stalemate on Republicans and yet their majority is the result of the most recent voice of the American people.  When he concentrated on health care he shut out the Republicans and gave them no input into the legislation.  Now he wants them to take the blame for the Democratic inaction over the past two years that has led to this mess.  Now he wants to ignore the voice of the people spoken at the ballot box and wants the Republicans to compromise their values for his political gain.

Too often politics centers on personal gain and not on the will of the people.  Too often we have seen a compromise of values and political payoffs.  We saw it in the passage of health care legislation we do not need to see it again over the debt.

Under the policies of Mr. Obama the American taxpayers are burdened with a growing debt.  While Vice-President Biden will tell you the economy is humming he fails to mention the tune is Hi Ho Hi Ho Into Debt We Go!  The solution to our financial crisis is not found with more borrowed money it is found with better management of the money we have.  On that we should not be looking for compromise, we should be looking for commitment.


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