Board of Education Failing To Act When Spotlight Is Off

According to the Board of Education website there is a meeting scheduled for tonight (  However rumor has it there will be no meeting and there is no agenda or cancellation posted.  While a quorum was available the meeting has been cancelled.

Can the citizens of Coventry feel comfortable about their education system since there is nothing to prompt a Board of Education meeting as scheduled?  The last issues before the Board were selection of a new Superintendent, two vice-principals, review of curriculum and a revision of policy.  Oh, then there is the minor issue of a $600,000 +/- slush fund created by over budgeting the amount for health insurance in the most recent passed budget.  None of the above issues have been resolved, but there are more.

Every year in August there is a rush meeting to approve bus routes, in the past this has been done without maps or any prior input or real review from Board members.  Of course this has at times created issues that had to be resolved later.  Do you think that the transportation committee could act and report before the last minute?

We have a new interim Superintendent coming to Coventry, is it possible that direction, updates, discussion of goals that the Board would like to accomplish with a new administrator could have taken place in public?  Would it be helpful for the community to see some leadership in action over the summer from the Board of Education?

How’s the new windmill at the high school working?   Most of the time it seems to be out of order or at least it appears from just driving by to be motionless.  What happen to the report concerning grades and the Mastery Test scores that was requested two meetings ago?  Does anyone care or is that being swept under the rug?  Are grades inflated to show mastery only to have students prove to be less than masters when test scores are reported?

It is a shame and a sham when the leadership continually talks about their concern for the children and the good of the system.  Then when the spotlight is off and less people are paying attention in the summer they just cancel meetings.  There are plenty of issues that need attention so many issues, so little time.

Mr. Marchand and Ms. Beausoleil spoke about the lack of time to review books and curriculum but their voice of concern rings hollow when they take time off and cancel meetings.  The policy committee is spending time discussing how to avoid review of curriculum and books when they could be meeting to do the job expected by parents and voters.

Is our school system perfect, are the budgets in line?  How’s the construction coming along, have we resolved all the curriculum issues?  What happen to the expulsion issues, are there any staffing issues for the coming year?  Does anyone care about the answers?

These issues will come up again before the election but for now, the Board of Education must have everything under control or they just don’t feel it warrants their attention at this time.  You can bet they will sing a different tune come election time.

School will soon be back in session the spotlight will be on and the Board of Education dog and pony show meetings will return to your television.  Tonight you can watch a movie.


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