What Is The Rush? Where’s The Fire?

There is another referendum scheduled in September to vote on a new fire station.  For a moment let’s put the merits of the question aside and ask a simply question, why now?

Coventry has a municipal election coming up the first week of November and adding another referendum question would be easy and voter turnout would be expected to be higher.  The extra referendum costs valuable tax dollars that can be used for so many things.  Where are the priorities for spending our tax dollars?  Why the rush on a question that has been in the works over five years?

Why all of a sudden do we need a vote on September 27th just five weeks before our town elections?  A referendum question on the November ballot could reach more voters and be a better reflection of voter input.  That may just be why this referendum is scheduled early.  A smaller number of voters with a special interest can have a greater impact on the final results if you can suppress voter turnout.

This is clearly a case of political posturing at the expense of the taxpayers and it may leave a bitter taste in the mouths of the voters.  It is be far better to have a referendum question judged on the merits of a question than on the politics surrounding the question.

Just one final thought, perhaps the Town Council wants a quick vote before the recently reported crumbling Merrow Road fire station becomes an issue in the election campaign.  Either way plan on two trips to the polls this fall, even if the polling locations will once again be moved.


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