An Open Letter To Our President

Dear Mr. President,

I have recently learned that the United States provides approximately fifty percent of the money that the Palestinian Authority receives to run their administration, and I have a question.  Is this just an open grant that allows them to do as they want with no strings attached?

It has long been understood that there are many Palestinian Authority terrorists in Israel currently incarcerated.  What is amazing about this situation is that every one of those terrorists receives a monthly salary from the Palestinian Authority.

Even more amazing to me is, the monthly salary increases with the length of the sentence to be served.  So it seems the criminals that commit the worst acts against the citizens of Israel are being rewarded with the largest salaries and we the American taxpayers are contributing to this payment by providing our funding.

Your recent bombing actions in Libya were predicated on protecting innocent civilians.  Your policy with the Palestinian Authority relative to Israel citizens seems to be in direct conflict with that same line of reasoning.  I understand the Libyans are for the most part Muslim Arabs as are the majority of those living under the Palestinian Authority.  In contrast the vast majority of the citizens attacked by the Palestinian terrorists are not Arabs but rather innocent Jewish civilians.

It would be easy to draw a line of conclusion that your execution of policy has more to do with ethnicity than consistent foreign policy.  That of course would be contrary to the basic belief in equality of all mankind that has always been a foundation of our American ideals.

I would ask that you take immediate steps to assure that American taxpayer dollars are no longer used to encourage and reward terrorists committing criminal actions of any kind against Arabs, Jews or any other ethnicity.  It is particularly egregious that with the current concern for our own public spending and cost of debt that you have found rewards for Arab terrorists to be a priority for our tax dollars.

Will you be telling the American people during your re-election campaign that you endorse these payments as rewards for actions against humanity or that you have stopped these payments?  The choice is yours Mr. President, just as the choice of President will be in the hands of the American voters and taxpayers.


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