Reid, Riots And A Road Of Responsibility

Recently the U.S. Senate majority leader Democrat Harry Reid sat down to talk about issues in Washington with staffers from the Las Vegas Review-Journal.  Mr. Reid represents Nevada and this was an opportunity to let the folks back home gain some insight as to the thinking of their Senator.

It was no surprise that he blamed the Republicans for everything that is wrong in Washington and the nation as a whole.  Mr. Reid had harsh words about Tea Party   Republicans and their commitment to reduce spending.  The view of Mr. Reid is that the Tea Party movement does not have roots in opposition to massive federal spending but rather to quote the Senator, “The Tea Party was the result of a terrible economy,” he said. “I’ve said that many times, and I believe that.”

It is hard to imagine a man in Mr. Reid’s position can be so out of touch with the sentiment of millions of Americans that have activated in a reaction to a stimulus spending package that in retrospect has failed to deliver on its’ promise.  To ignore the roots of the Tea Party is passive admission Senator Reid fails to see the root of our federal budget crisis was begun with the seeds of overspending.

You can be the judge as to the thinking and philosophy supported by Senator Reid but you should understand that he expressed the feeling that weakness of the stimulus was found in the fact that the spending wasn’t large enough.  For most Americans that is a hard concept to accept.

Spending more money than you can afford, spending so much that you continue to increase borrowing and continue to spend a higher portion of your budget for interest, provides less and less money for needed priorities.  Eventually government will be unable to afford the cost to deliver on the promises and expectations of the people.  It is a dangerous road Mr. Reid is leading America down; perhaps he needs a new GPS.

There is political benefit to gain votes by politicians like Senator Reid but building a society more dependent on government for basic human needs and continued expansion of dependency has a risk.  At some point the cost becomes unsustainable and societal change is inevitable.  The acceptance of that change becomes more difficult because of the unrealistic promises that have fostered a feeling of entitlement by all concerned.

We are seeing the failure and results of this philosophy in the streets of Europe.  We are seeing the resistance to change and expectations in the form of riots.  America does not need to adopt European progressive philosophy to learn from their mistakes, we only need to observe their history and educate Senator Reid.


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